Franchisee Model

Holiday and Travel segment is on a rise and booming. We invite you to be a part of this exciting opportunity!!

As the market dynamics changes and disposable incomes of average middle class segment in India continues to raise, the indulgences, and especially in travel is booming and at a steady rate. In this scenario, if you are looking to be a part of this boom and find yourself to be excited by simple name of Travel, then investing into a franchise would be ideal for you.

Zenith Holidays holds a firm foundation in the service industry with well over 20 years of experience, and is reputed for its par excellence service standards. Present in over 14+ Indian cities and 7 prominent locations in the world, we cater to all Indian holiday movers.After pioneering corporate travel solutions and events, we now firmly believe in creating a strong name in leisure travel, and have created a diverse product range, from ‘Custom-Made Holidays’ to ‘Value Group Holiday’ and our flagship product of ‘Curated Experiences’. We are a reliable partner that offers the most competitive travel solutions, state-of-the-art technology and supported by a wonderful team of the most experienced travel professionals. All-in-all, a perfect recipe for your success in the pleasurable business of ‘Travel’.

What do we offer to our Franchise:

  • Domestic and international hotels.
  • Domestic holidays.
  • International holidays.
  • Exclusive & Theme Based products launched by Zenith Holidays
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas and much more
  • Leads assistance from our digital and social endeavours
  • Call to action on our offline marketing endeavours such as a print advertisement (if any)
  • Professional in-house built CRM to handle and monitor enquiries
  • Operational support and know-how of a destination
  • A target based incentive to travel to various parts of the world

For Who Is It For?:

  • Highly motivated and energetic individuals who are passionate about travel.
  • Individuals who have a high business acumen
  • Influencers who could help in decision making of the travellers
  • Individuals who are keen on building a robust business relationship, and are looking for unparalleled growth

Other Requirements:

  • Preferred location of the store would be either in a market place or a mall with busy footfall.
  • The exterior of the premises should have a provision of placing a glow sign board and should be highly visible
  • Power backup of the building or the franchise to be available in a proper manner.
  • The interior of the store would be as per the brand guidelines and the cost would be borne by the franchise.

Over 40 Lac+ Happy Travelers

Jagannath Puri trip feedback

Thank you all for making our trip memorable by providing us all needful services at a time. Our group makes us feel proud because of your better services, facilities & arrangement. One more thing which is so important is your "guide person" who is so kind, helpful, knowledgeable to make us known much more thing about that trip.

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fill murray

Our Achievements

20+Locations across India
10+Locations Worldwide
1 M+1 Million+ Happy Customers

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Competitive Pricing

Competitively priced products/services

100+ Destinations

Managing tour for around 100+ Domestic & International Destinations

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